I’ve been taking a break lately to work on paying down some debt that I had. Between car payments, bills, and a debt consolidation loan (not to mention my mortgage), it was just getting really annoying, and quite frankly, cut into my shooting abilities. I took 2 months off of no shoots in order to focus on paying down my debt. I’ve made significant progress, and so I’ve started to book limited shoots again (Covi19 restrictions and safety precations allowing), starting with just 2 in November, and possibly 5 in November. I’m not going to jinx anything, so I’m not going to mention any models names yet, but for the two of you that read this, stay tuned to see some amazing models coming up.

As always, the safety and comfort of both models and my crew are my teams #1 priority, and so we will be taking every precaution necessary to both protect the talent that I shoot, as well as that of all the makeup artists and hair stylists I work with.