Even though I had just renewed my contract with Siteground for a 3 year deal, I wasn’t happy with the performance I was getting, and I was quickly approaching the storage limitations for both the site and email, so I set off to find something faster. After reading countless reviews online, on reddit, and asking around, I it came down to either Digital Ocean or Vultr. Ended up deciding on Vultr based on how their High Frequency platform rated in Web tests. It took a solid 6 hours to migrate everything over, but performance has drastically improved, as I have full control over my site now and was able to install some caching tools to speed things up.

I wouldn’t recommend this option for someone brand new to hosting (they do have pre-built WordPress options however that would be easier to setup), but if you’re technically inclined, check them out. I rarely promote things but here’s an affiliate link to try them if you’re interested:


Leave a comment if you think the site is faster!

Stay safe everyone,